Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where do you get your ideas?
: My brain is a mishmash of weird influences. Growing up I read a
steady diet of Conan and Mack Bolan books. I also had a best friend
whose Grandpa would rent us any horror or action movie we wanted
to see
, regardless of how gory, scary, or violent they were. When
you read my stuff you can see the swirl of these influences working
together to be what I write.
Q: Exactly what is "Dark Urban Fantasy"?
: Normal urban fantasy is set in our world with a supernatural
twist. It is very close to paranormal romance and usually centers on
a love story and characters who may rock
, but never really get
hurt or die.
Dark urban fantasy is like that
, but given a shot of anabolic crack
and every safety net in the story set on fire. All bets are off baby.
People get hurt and the monsters are scary.
(Hell, the heroes are
) Don't fall in love with a character because they just might
die. It
's really action horror. The focus is less on love triangles and
more on scares
,  thrills, and ass-kicking.
Q: Can I get a free copy of your book?
: No, you cheapskate! Pony up the bones and buy my book.

Q: Will you sign your book for me?
: Gladly. Bring it to me, anywhere I am and I will sign it. Seriously,
find me in a random men
's room at a closed gas station in Bangladesh
and if you have your book with you
, I will sign it.

Q:  I wrote a book. Will you read it for me?
:  Sorry, I can't. There is a whole boring legal aspect as to why I
't but I can't.  But I do truly wish you luck with it.
Q: Will you introduce me to your editor?
: No. Nobody introduced me to my editor. I had to get up, get out,
and get mine and so do you. This is a tough business kiddo and you
gotta carve your own path. Trust me
, it's the only way to make
your career your own. You will thank me for it.
Q: Do you carry a gun in real life?
: I do. Everyday. I have a carry license for a firearm in my state
and so I exercise my Second Amendment right. So when I write about
guns in my book I do so as a gun owner.